Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition

Outdated and perishable theories taught in college are becoming of disservice to today’s digital student.

Is the degree worth the debt?

A 2020 study at Kaplan showed that Americans would rather have an internship at Google (60%) over a degree from Harvard (40%). And only 13% of U.S. adults, 11% of C-level executives, and 6% of university trustees think college graduates have work-ready skills.

To succeed in today’s digital age, our kids need real, tangible skills — skills they enjoy to build and cultivate.

Skip the Degree is the answer to building real, market-ready skills in today’s digital age. All formats go live on Amazon February 10, 2021.

Featured Experts

Featured Experts
50+ people have contributed to this powerful book, led and authored by two dropouts that are teaching a new era of relevant, forward-thinking students: entrepreneur Julia McCoy and education pioneer, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang.

Meet the Authors

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy has had tremendous success in life…but it came from challenging status quo, and after dropping out of traditional education. She followed her…

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Dr. Ai Zhang

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang

Dr. Ai’s childhood dream was to become a college professor. After receiving her MA from Syracuse University and then her Ph.D. from the University of…

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Meet Our Featured Expert Collaborators & Read Their Powerful Stories

Stories. We knew that Skip the Degree would be 10x more powerful with incredible stories. That’s why we’ve published and invited more than 50 self-started experts to be featured right here on our book resource site to inspire you to chase your dreams, just like these amazing people did.

Seth Godin, Neil Patel, Amanda Bond, Valerie Young, Jacob McMillen, Shay Rowbottom, Jeff Deutsch, Tom Wedding, Jeanie Sanchez, William Robins, Zee Ali, Marisa Hamamoto, Ravi Abuvala, April Hill, Jeff Hunter, Josiah Town, Lori Stead, Brittany Harris, Alexander Strate, Angela Fehr, Chris Bryant, Clay Mosley, Brennan Agranoff, Ryan Stewart, Dr. Natalia Wiechowski, Sebastian Rusk, Alexandra Marshall, William Hall, Jordan Paris, Gene Petrov, Benji Hyam, Kris Olivo, Ryan Robinson, Tyler Samani-Sprunk, Henneke Duistermaat, Tami McVay, Rich Carr, Justin Staples, Marcin Drozdz, Jeremy Knauff, Robert Nickell, Alexandra Marshall, and many more that will be added over time.

Our goal is to grow our site into a beautiful living resource library, full of self-started expert interviews to inspire our next generation.

Become a Skip the Degree VIP

Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition is, and will remain, a grassroots effort.

In fact, Skip the Degree hasn’t been funded or supported in any way by a big box publisher, which allows us more open creativity and the room to make this a living, breathing project. 

But, like all self-started endeavors, Skip the Degree has required a ton of commitment, investment, and time on our part. It’s been an honor to bring this book to you. We truly hope it will make a difference for the next generation. 

To support the schools we want to reach, student trainings we want to do, and the heart-centric mission behind our book, your monthly membership will go a long way in supporting this important mission. Not only that, but you get some incredible bonuses, too! Here’s what a Skip the Degree VIP membership includes:

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Access to live training and guides

Get exclusive bonus content from Julia and Dr. Ai Zhang, and personal reminders to attend value-heavy upcoming live streams.

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VIP members-only Slack workspace

Get daily access to Julia and Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang in a Skip the Degree members-only Slack workspace.

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Personal help/guidance for parents & students

Dr. Ai and Julia will personally answer your burning questions in the private Slack members-only channel.

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Support a great cause

Your membership fee will go directly into funding our grassroots Skip the Degree campaigns to reach channels and students.

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Praise for Julia and Ai

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

“Julia is absolutely the best Sherpa for your journey up the content marketing mountain.”

Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Author and College Educator

Kelicia D.

Kelicia D.

“Dr. Ai gave a speech through LinkedIn to students at Delaware Tech about personal branding and using LinkedIn as a tool in this process. I am one of the Delaware Tech students that participated in the personal branding workshop and was blown away from the amount of information I gathered in the span of an hour.”

Engineering intern at WILMAPCO

Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson

“Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene.”

Founder of Web Impakt &

Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter

“I literally cried when I saw the transformation and growth of Dr. Ai’s students before my eyes. To see my own goddaughter who suffers from severe anxiety conquer her fears and give a presentation was incredible.”

Founder, Branded Media

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

“Julia McCoy is one of the few people in the content/SEO industry that I look up to and respect.”

Founder, Backlinko

John Kapos

John Kapos

“What Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang created here in such a short period of time in her #classroomwithoutwalls immersion in Singapore has already impacted the students speakers and the mentors in such a positive way that is life-changing. I wish I had this when I was getting my education.”

CEO, Perfection Chocolates