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Are you ready to uncover or rediscover what you love doing, and build an income stream around it — minus college debt?

Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition is a powerful new skills-based guidebook created by two successful dropouts, featuring the stories of more than 30 entrepreneurs (including Seth Godin and Neil Patel!). This is the first-ever book to share a radical, new systematic process for uncovering your passion and how to turn it into an income-worthy digital skillset. Entrepreneur Julia McCoy shares a tangible, actionable pathway that leads you straight into living out and earning from your passion, and educational disruptor Dr. Ai brings the data, studies, and parental guidance. Coming to Amazon February 2021! Sign up to the waitlist.

Created by two dropouts that are teaching a new era of relevant, forward-thinking students: college dropout Julia McCoy and professor dropout, Dr. Ai Zhang.

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy has had tremendous success in life…but it came from challenging status quo, and after dropping out of traditional education. She followed her…

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Dr. Ai Zhang

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang

Dr. Ai’s childhood dream was to become a college professor. After receiving her MA from Syracuse University and then her Ph.D. from the University of…

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What’s the Goal Achieved by Reading This Book?

Did you know? There are 30.2 million small businesses in this country. Small businesses make up 99.7% of all United States businesses (

How does the internet play into our world and economy, heavily driven by entrepreneurs and business owners?

Half the world’s population is now online (Statista). And online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide (Statista). Ecommerce itself, the act of buying on the internet, is an industry worth over $3 trillion per year in the U.S. alone, predicted to reach $6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. 

…But today, there’s one big, massive problem for those that want to enter the market of online business without wasting a ton of time and money.

Does traditional higher-education even teach how to succeed in this world?

I believe the simplest way to earning income online is to buckle in and learn a profitable skill that you can directly map to achievable income.

Achievable income can be built by identifying a market pain point, verified by income already being made in that segment to a large extent, and then picking the one you’d enjoy solving (based on your passions).

To grow the income you make from your skillset, you simply need clients, and a team. As you grow, you can invest back into the economy by hiring contractors or employees to deliver on your skillset for you and service your clients.

This is the secret behind my four profitable brands thus far. (And I’ve failed college twice.)

My brands and my story have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and I’ve published three books that have sold thousands of copies around the world. All without traditional education.

The reason I’m writing this book is I believe education needs to CHANGE, and I’d like to give today’s learners something truly relevant (and even pandemic-friendly!) to use.

I have a six-year-old daughter of my own that I’m hesitant to send to college one day — if she wants to follow in her mom’s footsteps. Why should I encourage her to go in debt and sink years of her life into a learning method that may not even be relevant, when it comes to making money in this digital age?

A skillset that she could mobilize quickly and use to make money online is EXACTLY what I want to teach her, so she knows all her options.

This is what I’m writing the book about and on.

It’s for smart kids, just like my daughter. It’s also for career dropouts and lifelong learners.

In late 2019, I polled my audience on the idea for the book (around 12,000 people), and the consensus was that it was 100% needed. My audience included parents who were vocal about giving this book to their high school kids to read. The larger part of my audience included marketers in their 20s, 30s, up to late 50s, who were still finding themselves unable to use their college degree. Participants from my audience’s wide variety of age groups, demographics, types, loved the idea of Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition. When I personally conversed with a few of them, they were very concerned that the stigma out around “you can become a YouTuber and get rich” isn’t true.

They asked me to write a REAL route from passion to revenue.

That’s what I’m working on.

Vanity metrics mean nothing. I KNOW how to take a passion and turn it into an income. I’ve been teaching students how to do this in my courses for years. I know how to build and monetize a skillset based on your passions.

…And I want to make that knowledge accessible – to ALL.

This is the book I’m writing. I have a lead co-author: the amazing Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang. And together, we’re getting a bunch of top-level experts involved in the book.

Ready? This is a game-changer.

I cannot wait to serve it to you.

– Julia, Lead Author

Summary: Skip the Degree, Save the Tuition: Your A-Z Pathway to Teach Yourself a Money-Making Online Skillset is a powerful training guide for young people facing the decision of college, their parents, AND career dropouts still in search of their passion. This book speaks to all groups.

Created by two real-life practitioners, Julia McCoy and Dr. Zhang, this book will contain ZERO fluff. You’ll receive a tangible route to a life you love, built on skills you already have. And, you’ll learn how to uncover and cultivate those skills. The younger you start, the better — but it’s never too old! Discover your passion and build a real, thriving income source without the debt, no matter your place or age.

Predicted length will be around 200 pages, with 15-20 chapters split up among six core sections. First, you’ll learn why education needs to change and what is wrong with our education system, in a powerful lead chapter backed up with data, studies, and proven concepts, written by Dr. Ai Zhang. Then, Julia takes you down the roadmap she’s developed to teach you exactly how to do what she’s done — identify what sets your heart on fire, uncover a path directly from passion and purpose to income, build a strong business and personal brand, and and thrive because of your money-making skills. Julia’s new concept, named the Four L’s, will give readers breakthrough clarity that instantly provides defined clarity for their path to create a life based on passion and income.

Want to tell your successful “dropout story?”

Our goal is to help 1,000,000+ young people and career dropouts alike find a better way to education.

We are lining up–and looking for!–incredible stories and case studies of entrepreneurs, creators, and executives that forged their own path based on their passion. We want to feature your story in the book, if you have one to tell! If you want to be in the book, please fill out this form and tell us your story. Please note all requests will be personally reviewed and carefully considered by the authors, and not all requests may get featured.


Praise for Julia and Ai

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

“Julia is absolutely the best Sherpa for your journey up the content marketing mountain.”

Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Author and College Educator

Kelicia D.

Kelicia D.

“Dr. Ai gave a speech through LinkedIn to students at Delaware Tech about personal branding and using LinkedIn as a tool in this process. I am one of the Delaware Tech students that participated in the personal branding workshop and was blown away from the amount of information I gathered in the span of an hour.”

Engineering intern at WILMAPCO

Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson

“Julia McCoy is one of the best content marketers on the scene.”

Founder of Web Impakt &

Jeff Hunter

Jeff Hunter

“I literally cried when I saw the transformation and growth of Dr. Ai’s students before my eyes. To see my own goddaughter who suffers from severe anxiety conquer her fears and give a presentation was incredible.”

Founder, Branded Media

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

“Julia McCoy is one of the few people in the content/SEO industry that I look up to and respect.”

Founder, Backlinko

John Kapos

John Kapos

“What Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang created here in such a short period of time in her #classroomwithoutwalls immersion in Singapore has already impacted the students speakers and the mentors in such a positive way that is life-changing. I wish I had this when I was getting my education.”

CEO, Perfection Chocolates

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