Cadi Jordan

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Cadi Jordan: Marketer & Entrepreneur: “Entrepreneurial Blood Much?”

Cadi Jordan is a marketer who specializes in connecting people and businesses – in her words, she’s a “connectorpreneur.” Her clients have included global brands on the NASDAQ and Forbes. Her work has appeared in various wellness publications. In 2021, she’s on track to reach six figures with her business, Jordan Consulting.

Cadi’s Original Story: “Entrepreneurial Blood Much?”

I run an online marketing business that I started in 2006 as a personal brand. I kicked things off by co-hosting an event with Scott Stratten of UnMarketing when he first launched his book. While I’ve had my ups and downs due to health diagnosis in my family, I’m back on track to create a six-figure business in 2021.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at events that have included some top marketers like Steve Dotto, Viveka Von Rosen, Sue B. Zimmerman, Mari Smith, Mike Gingerich and more. My work has seen clients on the NASDAQ, Forbes and taking their brands global. My work has been seen in the wellness sector at BCLiving Magazine, Spa Inc. Magazine, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, AND I’ve been mentioned in Forbes.

I started selling rocks when I was six (painted, of course). I started Classy Cadi’s Cleaning Services when I was 12 and invoiced our local insurance corporation for payment. In my late teens, I went to college to get a diploma in Early Childhood Eduction and from there continued on a path of learning on the job, in university courses, and through running my own side business consulting and doing therapy with families on the Autism spectrum. Entrepreneurial blood much?

I grew up in a single parent family. My mum was a very hard worker in a government job. She taught me the meaning of hard work and that you can never stop learning, no matter how you choose to learn. My mum married when I was 10 and that season was not a positive one, but my independent streak, and connections in our church circles, helped steer my path. I was also heavily influenced by my grandparents. It takes a village.

While I learned the value of hard work at a young age, I would say I was negatively impacted to a degree by taking that too far… Striving… I’ve unlearned a lot to get me where I am today and work from a place of rest.

That said, I’ve always learned on the go. College has had no bearing on what I do today other than strengthening my belief in lifelong learning.

I’m a divergent thinker. I was diagnosed gifted/ADHD at 43 after taking that journey with my children. I got the entrepreneurial bug at a young age and enjoyed being a leader. I was often put in charge or in management at the jobs I had over the years. I’ve always enjoyed serving, educating, and connecting people to resources and other people. I was born social. I was the kid you had to teach “stranger danger” to on repeat. When social media started to rise it helped me more readily take online conversations offline.
One of the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur has been learning when to give and when to charge. I’m a giver. I like to go above and beyond.

If you’re someone just starting out, you can overcome your challenges by sowing into your business and joining a community of like-minded professionals, those who share your values. Hiring a business coach in those early days to help you get to that next level is a good plan, too.

I’m a known connector, cheerleader, and encourager so I say… You can do this!

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