Sebastian Rusk

Sebastian Rusk

Sebastian Rusk: Entrepreneur, Strategist & Founder, Podcast Launch Lab: “My Passion: To Do What Everyone Told Me NOT to Do”

Sebastian Rusk is a podcast launch specialist, digital storyteller, author, speaker, and online personality.

He founded the PodcastLaunchLab.com in 2016 as a quick podcast launch solution for marketers and entrepreneurs wanting to dive in. He’s on a mission to help people tell their stories by starting their own podcasts.

Sebastian’s Original Story: “My Passion: To Do What Everyone Told Me NOT to Do”

I started 10 years ago with nothing (including revenue or a clue on how to make money with my new social media company). I had a bus pass and a skateboard. I kept showing up at networking events and meeting new people. I eventually started my own networking events, which led to people asking me to help them create a social media strategy. I did that for six years while simultaneously building my personal brand as an author, speaker and event emcee.

In 2016, I decided that I wanted to niche down in the social media world, and the world of podcasting kind landed on my lap. I’ve since gone all-in as not only a podcaster, but a podcast agency that helps entrepreneurs and marketers go from “idea to iTunes in 90 days or less” with the PodcastLaunchLab.com.

I’m a recovered Southern Baptist. My childhood was less than pleasurable as my parents split when I was nine. I was constantly told I was “too hyper,” that I needed to “settle down,” and that I was a “dreamer” – this fueled my desire to want to do something with my life, which I’ve done and continue to do.

I didn’t go to college. I was convinced that since you couldn’t keep me in school when it was free, I definitely wouldn’t go if I had to pay for it. Plus, the hours sucked and so did the pay, ha!

When I took the stage for the first time in 2009 to deliver a talk, I knew at that point I had found my passion. Basically, it was to do what everyone told me NOT to do when growing up: TALK!

Some friendly advice: Be patient! It takes longer than you think. You are you, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, DO YOU!

Remember: YES YOU CAN! Maybe you’ve never heard that before, and you needed to hear it. Maybe you have been told that, but you forgot. Maybe the fact that you are reading this right now is reason enough to start believing in yourself again! You got it! And remember, PODCASTS SUCK! (If you don’t have one.)

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