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Tami McVay: Mentor, Coach, & Entrepreneur: Knowing My Value (and Raising My Prices by 900%)

Tami McVay is a coach and mentor for professionals and entrepreneurs ready to step up to the plate and take a big swing. She started her business after a successful career spanning 20 years in IT and a run serving in the Marine Corps. Today, her adventurous spirit guides her success across the board.

Tami’s Original Story: Knowing My Value (and Raising My Prices by 900%)

In 2013, I started my own business to help people make bold moves so they can create a life that makes them proud. After having a successful 20-year career in IT and serving in the Marine Corps, I know what courage and commitment it takes to keep pushing for a vibrant life that fulfills you on multiple levels. I believe total immersion is the fastest accelerator, so I pulled in adventure retreats as part of my business model taking people all around the world to challenge themselves in ways they never dreamed possible.

I grew up in California with my single mom and older brother. I did have other siblings, but they were much older and already out of the house. While my needs were met, we really didn’t have much. Living in a trailer park with the occasional government assistance, my mom was able to provide for us as a bartender and tax preparer. Once in middle school, we went to live with my older sister because my mom had emphysema and could no longer work consistently. I was an honor student all through school, was never really active in sports, but having an older brother brought out my adventurous side… riding motorcycles, playing football, etc. While there were definitely challenges, my family was very loving and close in my childhood. We did move around a lot and that forced me to continually have to make new friends. I also never really felt like I fit in anywhere. Ironically, that has served me well in my life.

Given my upbringing, no one in my family had gone to college, so it felt like this big expensive thing where you needed to know exactly what you wanted to do. The military always intrigued me, even though I didn’t have family in the military, either, and serving my country appealed to me. I joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old. I didn’t sign up for the G.I. Bill because, in my mind, I thought “I chose this and not college, so why would I want that route?” After making a lot of money as a software developer without having even a college class, I know that it was never needed. If you follow your natural gifts and are willing to experiment, there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things that will serve you well.

About a year into my entrepreneurial journey, I was feeling really frustrated with the amount of money I was making and that people weren’t fully committing to what I knew to be true. A mentor helped me truly see the value of what I was doing and had me raise my prices by 900%. When I immediately had people sign up and do the work, it showed me that the right people who are ready will appear.

As my presence online started to grow, I would get messages like “Because of you my marriage is better” or “Seeing you at the gym has inspired me to push myself more.” I was in awe at the power of my message of simply being a good person and taking responsibility for the life you want to build. One of the biggest moments that broke me open was a man coming up to me a year after my talk at a charity event telling me that my talk saved his life. It then felt like my responsibility to continue, even on my hardest days.

That said, I never anticipated the emotional rollercoaster as an entrepreneur. As a Marine, I’ve always been able to control my emotions, but this has tested me in new ways. Also, spending the majority of my life in team environments, I didn’t expect the lonely feelings after going solo. My advice to anyone starting out is to invest your time and money finding a mentor and a small, trusted tribe that you can lean on, inspires you, and supplies that emotional support.

Lastly, always remember: Life can be really exciting and full of opportunities. You just have to find the courage and commitment to continually seek them out. Take the time to really get to know yourself and practice personal leadership. Because when you feel strong and believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Quote: “Life can be really exciting and full of opportunities. You just have to find the courage and commitment to continually seek them out.” – Tami McVay

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