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Tom Wedding: Marketing Expert & Founder, Scale Hacks: How I Made a Full-Time Income Flipping Around in a Tutu

Tom Wedding is a young driven entrepreneur, dedicated agency coach and energetic mentor. He is a high school dropout who refused to settle for mediocre and now coaches marketing agencies on how to grow and scale through his program, Agency Scale Hackers.

Tom’s Original Story: How I Made a Full-Time Income Flipping Around in a Tutu

I quit an apprenticeship back in 2015 and found myself jobless and lost.

I was already a high school drop-out and now I’d thrown away an apprenticeship. With society’s views lingering in my mind, I thought I was destined for failure.

I quit the apprenticeship because of the normality… the boring routine… same day, every day on repeat without passion.

Something inside me said I’d made the right choice…

But now I’d hit a fork in the road and didn’t know what pathway to take. Was I really destined to be a slave to a job that didn’t fulfill me?

That would mean being stripped of any passion, any fulfilment in my life and accepting defeat. You know what I said to these thoughts? F**K THAT!

So that day I made an internal choice – to never settle.

But I still had no idea what I was going to do: I had to start making money somehow, but I didn’t want to go the traditional ways.

How was I going to do it?

And then one day, as if the stars aligned, I got my opportunity.

I’ll come back to this ‘opportunity’ shortly, but first, a little backstory…

See, I’d been doing parkour and acrobatics for around 4 years at that time. I was obsessed to say the least.

I remember in high school I would skip classes just to go and flip around the school yard.

I had a tight-knit group of friends who had that same passion for this weird and wacky way of self-expression through movement.

It was my way of outletting my emotions and feelings and it gave me the resilience to never give up.

I’d spend countless hours at parks and playgrounds throwing my body around to ‘acquire new tricks’ and posted these progressions on Instagram. I’d built up quite a large following in a short period of time and people started noticing me.

So how does my ‘opportunity’ tie into this?

Well, because of some of the friends I’d made on Instagram and grown close with, my best buddy at the time and I got connected with this awesome American guy who’d been ‘street performing’ for a few years.

At the time I had no idea what that was or how much it would change my life.

So, we agreed to perform alongside this guy for a show in Melbourne.

It was a lovely bustling Saturday, with pedestrians and tourists littering the streets looking for things to do.

There we were… my friend, this American guy, another break dancer, and me.

We spent that afternoon doing two or three shows just flipping around in front of crowds – and people loved it!

By the end of the day, my friend and I were ecstatic!

Money wasn’t even on our minds; we just had fun getting the attention and recognition for our talents we’d spent so many years working on.

So when the guy handed us both $40 each we were freaking out. (This was my huge breakthrough, when I realized there are infinite ways to make money.)

Next thing you know, we were doing this full-time, working Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week and making more than enough money to have the rest of our week free. It was epic! (We’d make around $1,200 a week each just from those three days.)

Flipping with my best friend, having fun and getting paid. The ultimate combination.

This is what started my street performing journey and I am so grateful for the guy who introduced me to it all.

While I no longer perform anymore, the experiences and lessons I’ve gathered along the way have shaped my life so much. Those three years I spent performing I wouldn’t trade for anything. I learned so, so much, from confidence to creativity as well as how to tell horrible jokes. And it ultimately gave me the leg up I needed to dive into starting my own successful online business.

It taught me to think for myself, be in control of my money and ultimately choose the life I want to live! That, right there, is something a degree can’t teach you.

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